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Car Assistant - It watches your safety, it warns you of theft attempts, it notifies you about technical issues, it reminds you of checkups.

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About Car Assistant

The Car Assistant set consists of a small car-mounted device called DS1, and a free mobile app. The locator, using GPS technology, records things such as the location and speed ofyour car (especially useful if you lend your car or leave it with a mechanic). Thanks to a constant connection with a server and the app, the user gets an array of features that improve their safety. An accident detection system will notify you of a possible collision and an alarm will keep watch when you leave the car parked. There’s also a feature that notifies you of speeding.

Thanks to the revolutionary Treesat.io technology, the Car Assistant app is always connected to the DOTSENS server and the DS1 device mounted in your car with no additional data transfer fees.


Vehicle theft and collision warnings


Technical issue notifications and parental controls


Precise location of your car on a map, on the road, on a car park or in a strange town.

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